How To Join a Bellyache Ridge Teleconference Call

The Bellyache Ridge Metropolitan District and the Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association hold meetings by way of teleconference calls. 

Teleconference Dial-In Number:  425-436-6331       Access Code:  261328#

If your Dial-In is giving a busy signal, you can send a text message to your conference Dial-In Number.  Text   CALL ME   to receive a call that connects you with your Dial-In.  Once connected, enter your meeting Access Code as you normally would.

Some Information for Bellyache Ridge Property Owners

New homeowners, the Bellyache Ridge Metropolitan District provides your domestic water supply.  Contact the Metro District's water billing service, AmCoBi to set up your new water account.

The Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association collects assessments from property owners once per year in January.  They use the same billing service, AmCoBi.  This means you will need to set up a second, separate account at AmCoBi for your HOA assessments.

If you are planning to build or remodel, Bellyache Ridge Design Guidelines are available in PDF format on the Homeowners Association page on this website.

A note about pets.  Protective Covenants for Bellyache Ridge Subdivision state:  "Family pets must be confined to the Owner's property and kept to a number which does not constitute a nuisance or a health hazard."  

Bellyache Ridge Subdivision is governed by the rules of Eagle County.  The County passed Resolution No. 2018-98 Concerning the Control, Licensing, Impoundment and Disposition of Animals.  

If you are having a problem, you can report an Animal Complaint to Eagle County Animal Services

A note about parking.  All roads in Bellyache Ridge Subdivision are owned and maintained by Eagle County.  There is no parking on all roads.

Property owners who would like to receive proprietary community emails can email us at to be added to the list.

Bellyache Ridge Assessed Values

Eagle County recently sent property owners updated assessed values for tax purposes.  Below are some descriptive statistics for the assessed values of single family homes in Bellyache Subdivision. 

Number of Single Family Homes68
Mean Assessed Value$930,886
Median Assessed Value$790,940
Lowest Assessed Value$229,500
Highest Assessed Value$2,415,270


Mary Anne Metternick

Recognizing and celebrating Mary Anne Metternick for her decades of service in our community, most recently in her roles as President of our Homeowners Association and as Secretary & Treasurer of our Metropolitan District.  

Thank you Mary Anne!
Have You Considered Serving as a Board Member in Bellyache Ridge Subdivision?

We have two separate Boards in Bellyache Ridge subdivision.
Each of the two Boards meet six evenings a year and all meetings are by teleconference.

If you are interested in serving on the Bellyache Ridge Metropolitan District Board, please download and complete this one-page Bellyache Ridge Metropolitan District Board Member Application and email it back to us at

If you are interested in serving on the Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association Board, please download and complete this one-page Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association Board Member Application and email it back to us at

Bellyache Ridge Subdivision, Eagle County, CO