Homeowners Association

Regular Meetings of the Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association Board take place at 6:00 p.m. local time, every third Wednesday of even numbered months by way of teleconference calls.  

Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association Meeting Materials may be accessed in PDF format from the Homeowners Association web page at bellyachesubdivision.com at least 24 hours before each Meeting.

HOA Vice President Zach Locke zach_locke@yahoo.com ( also ACC Member )
HOA Board Member Mary Pierce mountainlover@hotmail.com
( also ACC Member )
HOA President    Laura Waniuk lwaniuk@live.com

Per the Bylaws:

The business and affairs of the corporation shall be managed by a board consisting of three directors.
Each of the directors shall be the owner of or one of the owners of an ownership unit.
Directors shall be elected annually by the voting members at an annual meeting.
Each director shall hold office until the election of his successor.
The number of directors may be increased by appropriate resolution of the Board of Directors or upon two thirds vote of the members at any annual or special meeting of members.

Homeowners Association Assessments / Dues

Annual HOA Assessment / Dues Bill Pay:  AmCoBi

Architectural Control Committee

Committee Member    Zach Locke zach_locke@yahoo.com ( also HOA Board Member )
Committee Member Mary Pierce mountainlover@hotmail.com( also HOA Board Member )   
Committee Member Bill Willins abwbeta@mac.com

Committee Member Kevin French avantgdnr@aol.com
Committee Member Vacant

Homeowners Association Activities


In June, 2021 the HOA completed a successful cooperative program with Eagle County to assist Bellyache Ridge property owners with the cost of removing dead trees from their properties. 


At the December 16, 2020 regular meeting of the HOA, new Bellyache Ridge Design Guidelines were unanimously approved and adopted by the HOA Board.  The new guidelines provide improved clarity for the approval process with fewer forms, reduced deposits and no application fees in keeping with our HOA Protective Covenants.  They supersede all previous guidelines and forms.

In June, 2020 a cooperative program between the Bellyache Ridge HOA and Eagle County was completed that assisted Bellyache Ridge property owners with the cost of removing dead trees on their properties.


In 2019 (and continued in 2020), the HOA Board reduced expenditures for accounting and administration compared to very high levels in 2017 & 2018.

At the HOA meeting in August 2019, the Board decided to not actively manage short-term rentals or to consider changes to HOA guiding documents regarding them.


The HOA Board investigated potential for adopting nine policies and procedures under the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (CCIOA).  Their investigation ended in August 2018 with the decision not to adopt any of the policies and procedures.

In 2018, the HOA Board for the first time ever, began purchasing general liability and director & officer liability insurance.  The Board also ended the practice of forgiving HOA dues to Board Members.

The final edition of the Bellyacher newsletter was released in the fall of 2018.
     The Bellyacher Newsletter - Past Editions


The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) granted $15,000 to the Bellyache Ridge subdivision in 2014 to be used for the removal of fire hazardous bio-fuel created by the dead pine trees as a result of the pine beetle.  The grant was not tied to a specific amount of acreage. 


In 2013, the Bellyache Ridge Homeowners Association gained ownership of the three out lots that were owned previously by George Burens.  These lots include the lot at the south end of Bellyache Ridge Road accessing BLM land and the Backcountry at Bellyache as well as the two lots at the end of Big Dipper Road.  

The Backcountry at Bellyache II community contributed $3,000 to the HOA to help cover legal fees associated with the transactions.  The HOA granted access to Backcountry at Bellyache, the cell tower, and the BLM on the upper out lots.

The HOA also agreed to allow the Jouflas Family to install a gate at the end of Big Dipper, located on our out lot.  The Jouflas Family wanted the gate to eliminate illegal hunting on private property.   It was installed in the fall of 2013 by James Jouflas and it has a 12 foot wide lockable gate and a small unlocked gate for hikers to walk through.  The Jouflas family, HOA, water engineers, Holy Cross, Mountain Mushers and BLM continue to have access.  

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Contact Information

Email:  bellyachesubdivision@gmail.com

Mailing Address:  PO Box 40, Wolcott, CO  81655