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Metropolitan District Activities


In November, the exterior of both pump houses will be cleaned and stained.

2020 10 15 Top Notch Painting - Stain Pump Houses

The cedar shake roof on the pump house for wells 1R & 2 was replaced with a standing seam metal roof. 

2020 06 25 TCC Roofing - Pump House 1R 2 Roof Contract
2020 09 17 Certificate of Occupancy Pumphouse roof

In early August, aging galvanized steel plumbing at well 3 was replaced with modern pipe solutions and a drain was added

2020 07 15 360 Civil - Well 3 Plumbing & Drain Contract

In July the main power supply to pump house 1R&2 failed and was replaced.

2020 07 01 360 Civil - Invoice for Electrical to Pumphouse #1 & 2

2020 04 07 100k gal Tank Inspection Report
2020 04 07 250k gal Tank Inspection Report

Water rates were increased by 2%.  Mill levies, used to calculate revenue from property taxes, were kept flat.  Fees for "Other Charges" were simplified.


In August, 2019, the Metro Board eliminated long-term debt on their balance sheet by paying off the remaining loan balance of $134,319 stemming from the well drilling project that was completed in 2015.

Early in the summer of 2019, the Board took the 100,000 gallon water tank out of service and refurbished it at a cost of $88,165.  Of that amount, $35,341 was for a new roof membrane and $52,824 was for concrete repairs.  These refurbishments extended the useful life of the tank into the future.  Work on the 100,000 gallon tank was completed by September, 2019.

     Red Eagle Roofing - 100k gal Tank Roof Repair Contract
     Mays Construction - 100k gal Tank Concrete Repair Contract
     2018 08 13 100k gal. Tank "Before" Pictures

Later in the summer of 2019, the Board took the 250,000 gallon water tank out of service and repaired four concrete pillars inside the tank that support its roof at a cost of $15,266.  This repair work corrected a structural deficiency that was first detected in 2015, shortly after the water tank was put into service.   Work on the 250,000 gallon tank was completed by September, 2019.

     Mays Construction - 250k gal Tank Concrete Repair Contract
     Zancanella - 250k gal Tank Concrete Repair Stamped Drawings
250K Gal Water Tank Repair - 2019

In April and July, 2019 two main water line valve replacement projects, including replacement of pressure reducing valves, located in front of the pump house for wells 1R & 2, were completed at a cost of $29,329.  These valve replacements extended the useful life of our water system.

During 2019 the Metro Board updated, formalized and entered into new engagement and services agreements with their two largest service providers:

     Accounting & Administration Engagement Agreement - formalized on June 5, 2019.
     Water System Operational Services Contract - formalized on February 12, 2019.

2013 - 2015

Water Tank Inspections & Cleaning
     2015 09 21 250k gal. Tank Inspection Report - Interior column repairs needed.
     2015 09 21 100k gal. Tank Inspection Report - Roof repairs needed.

Well #2 Replacement
     2015 05 12 BRMD Well Drilling Report
     2015 05 04 BRMD Well Drilling Report
     2013 07 03 BRMD Well Project Finance Review - CWCB

2011 - 2012

250,000 Gallon Tank Built
     2011 03 25 BRMD 250K Water Tank Plans - Full Set
     2011 03 25 BRMD 250K Water Tank Plans - Stamped 2pg
     2011 03 01 BRMD 250K Tank Bid Document
     2009 08 03 Lot 61-A Topographic Survey

Water Quality

2020 Bellyache Ridge Metropolitan District Drinking Water Quality Report for 2019

Fire Hydrants & Water System Map