Special Districts Board Member Manual

Virtual Workshops - Special District Association of Colorado  

Virtual Workshop 2020 - Video 1
  • Board Membership
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Board Meetings
  • Public Records

Virtual Workshop 2020 - Video 2
  • Service Plans
  • Boundary Issues
  • Property Issues
  • Financial Matters
  • TABOR and the Gallagher Amendment
  • Public Financing
  • Audits

Virtual Workshop 2020 - Video 3
  • Board Member Interaction
  • Contracting
  • Liability Issues
  • Personnel Matters

Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32. Special Districts

Title 32 - Special Districts, Special District Act Article 1 - Special District Provisions (Justia Law)

Colorado Revised Statutes Title 32. Special Districts  (
Special District Act  (

Special Districts - Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) Requirements
Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment
     Water Quality Regulations
          Water Quality Control Commission regulations
               Regulation 11 - Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations

EPA Regulations
National Primary Drinking Water Regulations PDF | EPA
National Primary Drinking Water Regulations | Ground Water and Drinking Water | EPA

Finished Water Storage Facilities | EPA

Sanitary Surveys
Drinking water: Sanitary surveys | DOLA
Drinking Water Sanitary Survey Checklist Brochure | DOLA

Additional Resources

Special Districts
A Guide to Special Districts - SDA
2007 Article - Special Districts 101
2017 Presentation - Real Estate Due Diligence in Metropolitan Districts

Budgeting & Accounting
Budget Information and Resources | DOLA
     Local Budget Format and Content Requirements | DOLA
     Budget Calendar | DOLA
     Amending the Budget | DOLA

Certification of Mill Levy to County Commissioners | Form DLG 70 (Due by Dec. 15)

BRMD Chart of Accounts
Fund Accounting - Wikipedia
State & Local Government Accounting Principles -
Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms
     Enterprise Fund

Operating Reserves with Nonprofit Policy Examples - propel nonprofits
Operating Reserve Policy Tool - AICPA
Reserves Planning - A Step By Step Approach For Nonprofit Organizations - Grant Thorton
7-Step Policy Guide For nonprofit Operating Reserves
Operating Reserve Policy Toolkit

2019 07 30 Tabor Section 20 Provided by Marchetti
2018 11 29 The TABOR Revenue Limit - Legislative Council Staff
2009 07 06 State Spending Limitations TABOR & Referendum C
Understanding TABOR -
Inflation:  Denver-Lakewood-Aurora Consumer Price Index -
Inflation:  Denver-Lakewood-Aurora Consumer Price Index - U.S. Department of Labor

Other Resources

Nonprofit's Guide to Risk Mgmt & Insurance

Special District Association of Colorado

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG)
     Water Quality/Quantity Committee

1998 00 00 Geologic Map - Wolcott Quadrangle - U.S. Geological Survey

Benchmark Documents

     Eagle River - Rules and Regulations for Water & Wastewater Service
     Eagle River Appendix A - Rates & Fees
     Eagle River Appendix B - Water & Wastewater Service Construction Specifications
     Eagle River Appendix C - Standard Specifications for Water Mains
     Eagle River Appendix D - Standard Specifications for Sewer Mains
     Eagle River Appendix E - Earthwork & Construction

     Denver Water Engineering Standards 15th Edition